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Exchanged Life Discipleship is dedicated to exploring the word of God and providing encouragement to others in their walk of faith. As I grow in my own faith, I put these studies on paper in the hope that we all can grow together. Each of these studies are things that have helped me grow, so instead of theoretical faith, these studies are practical faith. I am writing about the things God is doing and changing in my own life.

Often, these studies are confrontational. I've learned that conviction from the word has two effects. Either I am clinging to my ways and don't want to be confronted by scripture, or conviction is sweet. In truth, nothing is sweeter than the light of the word shining on a flaw in my life, and identifying my need to change so I can grow closer to the Lord. At times I'm called 'judgmental', but the truth is that my studies are pointing directly at my own heart, judging something in my life that God is changing. You, as the reader, are only glimpsing into my experiences with the word of God, and hopefully can benefit from the things that have benefited me. I pray that you will experience the sweetness of conviction that leads to a sweeter walk with our Savior.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorry for the change - moving this site and feed

The maintenance of upkeeping this blog along with my website and other writing makes it impossible to keep current postings. I've consolidated my sites and created an RSS subscription feed on

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This will be the final posting on This Blog.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog redirect

Due to time constraints, this blog is no longer being maintained. For discipleship material, go to See my personal blog at

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